What’s Inside Our Low-Carb Keto Foods

People often say, ‘we are what we eat,' and they're right! What’s inside our food impacts what goes on in our bodies, how we feel, and our energy levels. At Skyebird Foods, we create delicious, healthy keto foods, using only wholesome low carb ingredients, optimally balanced in all of our recipes.  

Our keto products are the result of extensive research, experimentation and rigorous testing so you can be certain of the exact amount of carbs, protein, sugar and fat in every finished product. Skyebird Foods keto products were designed specifically to keep blood sugar levels steady, without compromising taste.

We make functional wholefoods that fit in well with any low carb, high protein, keto diet. You don’t need to give up convenient pantry staples, like keto bread, while taking achievable and sustainable steps towards better health.

You can read more about our product development journey like our keto bread here and rigorous testing in our blog posts - every single Skyebird Foods product has its own story. We are passionate about all of our products and proud of the recipe development journey we’ve been through with each one - read more about those in our blog.

Our keto products deliver on their promise - and do exactly what they say on the packet. 

You can purchase our keto bread here


What We Use

Almond flour
Apple cider vinegar
Chia seed powder
Cocoa powder
Coconut Flour
Coconut oil
Monk fruit
Pumpkin Seed Flour

The Sweet Stuff

We never use sugar, or any kind of substitute, nectar, syrup or juice. Some foods that may appear ‘sugar free’ can still act on the body just as sugar would and cause spikes in blood sugar. We’ve found just the right combination and it passes all the taste tests! You can read more about our experiences with sugar-free product and blood sugar in our blog posts.
  • Erythritol, Stevia and Monk Fruit

    Erythritol is a naturally occuring ‘sugar alcohol’ (although it is not exactly a sugar, or an alcohol). What sets it apart from other sweeteners, is that is has no effect on blood sugar - it has zero glycaemic index. It also has 95% less calories than sugar, and a high digestive tolerance. Along with plant based stevia and monk fruit, it’s our secret to healthy sweet treats.

Free From

  • Whether cutting down, or avoiding entirely, there are a few ingredients that we prefer to keep out of our kitchen altogether. This is what you won’t find in our food.

    Tapioca Starch
    Rice Flour

We are constantly researching, experimenting and testing to make sure that we deliver delicious and high quality products that you can trust and enjoy.

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