Our Story

We're a family owned business who are passionate about creating nourishing foods.

We knew that food - the right food - can be healing.  Our youngest daughter Skye was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and we had to learn how to support her.  We truly believed that Skye's requirements did not have to be restrictions. As a family, we set out on a mission to find foods that Skye could safely eat that would help to maintain normal blood sugar levels.  We discovered that we could truly have it all - delicious and nutritious foods - even the treats - by following a low carb, high protein diet.

It was the right choice - our family’s overall health improved. We had more energy, we felt less stressed, stopped craving snack foods, and had no trouble maintaining a healthy weight. Committing to good health was an easy choice, but we soon realised that is also meant a huge time commitment. We couldn’t just pop down to the shop and grab something that ticked all the boxes straight off the shelf, so we started baking. All the time!

We read, researched, tested, tasted and shared our creations with family and friends. The requests for more kept coming - cookies at a birthday party, dessert at a dinner party, bread for a friend with gestational diabetes, bread loaves for a Type 1 going to a school camp...  You name it, we were baking it.

It soon became clear there were many families just like ours, searching for products that aren't readily available. Skyebird Foods was born from the encouragement and support of our friends, our kids' friends, parents and so many others who shared with us how low-carb, keto eating changed their lives.

We are so pleased to offer you our family's favourite low carb, keto friendly, high protein and diabetes friendly baked goods.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.  We are here to serve, nourish and support you.

Much love
Dani, Glenn, Ellie and Skye

Our Promise

Our products will always be made from delicious, whole ingredients, with their effects and benefits backed up by thorough research and testing.

Our Mission

To create and share low carb, keto friendly, high protein and diabetes friendly food that is nourishing, delicious and convenient.

At Our Core

At Skyebird Foods we strive for wholesome goodness in not only our products, but in the way that we conduct business - from the inside out. Our core values are


... in how we select our ingredients, in how we treat our suppliers and customers, and in how we constantly strive to improve.


... in how we balance business and family, in how we nourish our customers, and in how we give back to our communities.


... in how we share our knowledge, and in developing products that are suitable, safe and delicious for people with a whole range of requirements.


... in how we source our ingredients, and in how we package our products

Sustainability is a Journey

We like this planet and consider its well-being in every decision. We’re a socially responsible business making sustainable choices, considering the whole journey. We build sustainable long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers,  conscious of the impact our business has on our environment, our community, and our people. Our vanilla is sourced sustainably with vanilla pods grown in Tonga. Heilala is committed to their growers and promote inter-generational self-sufficiency through harvesting superior quality vanilla.

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